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Close more sales. Command attention. Present professionally.

Jez Rose is one of the busiest motivational guest speakers in the UK and Europe.

He's been invited to appear on television, radio, at the world renowned TEDx events and at conferences in over 20 countries. His books include the best-selling Have a Crap Day and Flip the Switch

"I receive thousands of emails each year asking me to share my secrets on speaking and presenting professionally, fluently and in such a way that is memorable.After years of consideration, I'm very pleased to launch Speak Up, the ultimate speaker and presenter training programme.

It's a very special 6 week online video course, featuring a seat at a live seminar where I spill the beans on EVERYTHING that makes a memorable, professional presenter. I've stacked the online hub with supporting resources, bonus videos, audio tracks and everything you need to learn to present with conviction and power.

Whether in sales meetings, product pitches, board meetings or at conferences. If you want to learn to speak or present in front of audiences, this is all that you need.

"Just home from a fantastic course on public speaking from Jez Rose - the most engaging and humorous speaker I've ever had the pleasure to meet!! Mind was so busy on the drive home."

Tracy Irwin, Director, TI Payroll

I'm sat in Italy typing this having just presented at one of the many conferences I present at each year. Maybe I've been affected by the sun but the price I've set on this, the more I reflect on it, is ridiculous!

I'm going to reveal ALL of my secrets. And I mean that. I'm not holding anything back: from what to wear and why it makes a difference, to which pens to use (sounds silly I know but it makes a difference), the pitfalls to avoid when creating slide decks to avoid "Death By PowerPoint" and how to enhance your confidence about presenting in front of audiences using a diabolically powerful, yet simple method.

I'll give you examples of powerful content, how to open and close your presentations and tips, tools and techniques that only 12 years of speaking and presenting worldwide as genuinely one of the busiest speakers, can offer.

  • exclusive video footage of me presenting this course to a live audience
  • bonus videos
  • articles and supporting resources
  • Webinars
  • audio tracks
  • professional resources for you to adapt and use, including my rider and client contracts

"I attended THE most inspirational, insightful, interesting, educational and entertaining workshop EVER in my 30 odd years in business last week - Jez Rose's Speak Up Speaker Masterclass.  The guy is pure genius - funny, infectious and highly intelligent to boot. I would recommend ANYONE who has to present to anyone in order to influence their thinking or decision to act, to get on his next Speaker Masterclass NOW."

Marie Cross, Director, First Impression Training

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"I have just returned from Jez's brilliant Speak Up Masterclass, and having attended it's become apparent that he isn't charging enough for this day! Where else can you get full on insider secrets from one of the best speakers on the planet, on how to give awesome presentations? Nowhere! What Jez shared has truly helped me to up my game… Truly priceless!"

Howard Wing, award-winning wedding singer