All of our courses and workshops takes place in our purpose built barn on Jez's farm in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside. The courses are all-inclusive of unlimited organic refreshments, organic pizza cooked in our outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven and supporting resources.
We're proud to bring you some new and exciting courses alongside many of your favourite workshops from The Behaviour Expert; which are back by popular demand!

Read on to find out what's on offer this year...

"An amazing & brilliant session; engaging, fast-paced and hits you hard" Rachel, Headteacher

Monday 6th November 2017

This fun and fascinating seminar is specifically designed to provide teachers and education professionals with real-world, effective tools, techniques and strategies for modelling positive behaviour change, nurturing reinforcement-based behaviour change and handling challenging behaviour.

Informative, fun and described as "the best training event I've ever attended"

Speaking & Presenting Masterclass

Thursday 15th June 2017

"Hands-down, the best training course I have attended over my many years in business. From dealing with confidence issues when presenting to the best advice for using PowerPoint, Jez’s presenting masterclass is a must for anyone who wants to make giving presentations and talks more effective, inspiring and fun.”
Andy Rao, Key 3 Media

Informative, fun and described as "the best training event I've ever attended"

How To Boll*ck People

Coming Soon August 2017

A brand new workshop - a relaxed and immersive day created especially for managers, team leaders and leadership teams, providing a valuable insight into the effective management of how to handle people when things go wrong. "How To Boll*ck People" is a unique insight into reprimanding, effective punishment strategies, communication skills and how to prevent awkward or detrimental environments.

You'll leave with myriad new skills and confidence in understanding why people do the things they do, how to model ideal behaviours and how to best influence undesirable or problem behaviours.

"A coach who is actually making a difference" Joanna, Philips UK

Coaching Masterclass

Coming Soon August 2017

It's time to cut through the fluff. Jez has 10 years experience coaching and advising entrepreneurs, leaders and organisations at board level across the world. He is a member of the International Coach Federation and as tie commitments mean he can no longer accept new coaching clients, he is sharing everything in this unique masterclass.

Growing human potential and purpose is a critical skill for HR professionals, Learning and Development managers, those in leadership and management positions and of course for individuals wanting to explore a career as a coach. But it is an area mired with hype and vacuous marketing.

Jez will reveal all of the tools, strategies and techniques he has used over the past 10 years and the must effective principles and practice of coaching and leadership that he has used to create his successful coaching practice. From the core, key principles of coaching to the real-world practice of coaching and tools to ensure people do develop. We'll also cover specifically how to coach for high performance, the role emotional intelligence plays and how to motivate and ensure effective feedback and assessment.

“I knew I needed someone special to help me take my business to the next level; every conversation I have with Jez solves my most pressing problems; from my own state of mind, to time management and getting Disney style quality standards in place. Jez’s wealth of experience plus the style with which he delivers his advice is outstanding and exactly what I need.” Mitch, Petra Jewellery

Leadership Masterclass

Coming Soon August 2017


Tuesday 27th June 2017

"We came away with so much new knowledge and information. Thanks for a fascinating day on your beautiful farm! Amazing to see how using nature benefits the human brain and how simple changes to how we're doing things currently can improve our workplace. My team are really excited about getting started having felt the benefits for themselves."
- David, Synergy UK