What is The Good Life Project?

The Good Life Project is a ground-breaking research project and behaviour change programme evidencing the impact of nature on health, wellbeing and behaviour.


Through published research, culture change programmes and exploring nature’s impact on people’s mental functioning, social relationships and physical well-being, the Project encourages greater interaction with nature, to create healthier and happier working environments.

The impact of nature on people is well documented. Just some of the many benefits of being in the presence of, or simply viewing nature, include reductions in stress, anxiety, blood pressure, anger and exhaustion, whilst increasing energy levels, cognitive functioning and happiness. The Good Life Project exists to demonstrate the efficacy of restorative environments and to encourage corporate responsibility in this area. Our research into the cognitive and emotional impact of nature in the working environment provides real-world, evidence-based suggestions, supported by data, for how organisations can achieve this with simple and cost-effective strategies.

The Need for Research

Evidence-based studies have demonstrated that happy people are productive people and that nature is hugely beneficial to well-being. Despite the large body of evidence supporting the benefits of exposure to nature, many organisations prohibit the simplest and most effective strategies such as personalising desks and the presence of plants, for example.

Simultaneously, we become ever more interconnected by technological advances, exacerbating social, political, religious, economic, industrial and educational factions. According to research conducted by Persil in 2016, 75% of children in the United Kingdom spend less time outside than prison inmates, yet it is the mountains, the forests, the rain, the soil, the bees - nature - that ties and binds us to our planet.

Our aim is to discover the precise level of contact or interaction with nature required in order to be happier and healthier, and in turn more productive. For schools, business and even the public sector, The Good Life Project could be the most cost-effective way of creating a healthy, high performance culture in your organisation.

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Take Part in The Good Life Project

If you would like to learn more about The Good Life Project, the project programme and how your organisation can take part, please email: goodlife [at] thebehaviourexpert.com

How Does it Work?

The Good Life Project assists organisations in introducing natural stimuli into working environments and recording staff responses, providing training, resources, guidance and support.

A number of opportunities exist to engage with The Good Life Project, from single information training days on the importance and benefits of nature and ideas on how to engage better with it, to full corporate well-being or employee assistance programmes. Organisations can nominate Good Life Ambassadors to take part in unique, ground-breaking research into making healthier, happier and ultimately more productive work places. Beginning with an assessment questionnaire to establish a research baseline for your organisation, the nominated Good Life Ambassadors spend an immersive (and fun!) introduction day at our farm in the Cambridgeshire countryside before returning with comprehensive supporting resources to implement the research and gather feedback, encouraged by regular contact and support from the research faculty.

A variety of interventions are guided each month for the duration of the research, to explore their efficacy and the impact on colleagues; for example tending to a desktop office herb garden, to displaying images of natural scenes. A voluntary and optional health screening consisting of blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate and fMRI scan* helps to measure potential physiological and health benefits. We continue to establish long-term research project partnerships between The Good Life Project research faculty, Good Life Ambassadors and key stakeholders from enrolled organisations who continue to demonstrate the project’s efficacy in-situ within working environments. Research results will be made publicly available at regular intervals and submitted to scientific journals.

*fMRI scanning is only available for organisations enrolled in The Good Life Project culture change or full corporate well-being programme.

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The Good Life Project Research Faculty

Jez Rose

Behaviourist specialising in behaviour change

Dr. Lynda Shaw, PhD

Cognitive neuroscientist specialising in emotion

Professor Marc Salem, PhD


Elizabeth Gloyens

Psychologist specialising in behaviour planning

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